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    Throwing Technique & Hand Fighting
    Ismail Boziev & Mukhammat Chattaev

July 07/08



Ismail Boziev

1993 Junior World Champion

2x Junior Russia Champion

3x Senior Kazakhstan Champion

Central Asian Games Champion

Mukhammat Chattaev

Suplex Club Head Coach

Illinois Wrestling Team Coach

Fargo All-Americans Coach

Master sport of Russia

Experience a mesmerizing showcase of technique and graceful moves, personalized recommendations, inspiration, and a multitude of other unique opportunities awaiting you at our camp led by high-level wrestlers. Hone your throwing skills, master the four-point techniques, and unlock new dimensions of your potential. Join us confidently on the path of wrestling and savor the exhilarating journey!

Attention! Only experienced wrestlers are allowed in this camp! You have the opportunity to master complex techniques and improve your throwing skills! Join us to become a master in your field!

Limited to 50 participants!

July /01/02 

Ages 11 y.o. -18 HS   10:00am - 11:30am
Limited to 50 participants !

Price: $100

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